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Our Team:

Mark has a heart for the youth & giving them tools to live out their lives for Christ. 25 years in youth ministry & going strong...


Kimberly Honebein
Fish Club Excelsior

Kimberly has a 5th grade daughter & an 8th grade son & happy to be leading Fish Club this year at Excelsior.


Clay Fredrick
NextGen Arising

Clay has been a longtime friend of Mark's. He is married to Lynn with 2 kids & works for Amazon.


Dan Biddle
Boys 2 Men

Dr. Dan Biddle is the president of Genesis Apologetics, helping students withstand the evolution teaching in public schools. 


Alicia Juday
Fish Club Ridgeview

Alicia is a stay-at-home mom, married for 13 years & parent to two boys.  


Doug Johnston
NextGen Arising

Doug is married to Rachel, a women's pastor at Bayside Church. Currently, he is working in Real Estate Management. 


Michael Davis
Boys 2 Men

Michael is the president of Moxie, married to Linda &

proud father of 6 boys. 


Tiffany Holland 
NextGen Arising

Stoneridge Elementary former Fish Club Lead. Currently looking for a new lead. If you're interested, contact Tiffany. 


Kara Stout
NextGen Arising

Kara Stout is the principal of Stouthouse Design, a graphic design firm committed to making the world a little brighter.

Karla Vital
Fish Club Partner
Bayside Church​​

Karla is the Bayside Church Club 45 pastor & supports Fish Club at our area schools.


Susana Sollazzo
NextGen Arising

Susana Sollazzo has faithfully ran Fish Club Excelsior for 5 years! She & her husband, Michael, are members of Bayside Church & active in the community.


Deb Austin
NextGen Arising

Deb works as a full time realtor, volunteers at Bayside, active in the community, hosts women's bible study & prayer groups.

Deena Doherty
NextGen Arising

Deena is in charge of knowing where Mark is & how he's gonna get there. NextGen would not be where it is today without her.

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