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Local Outreach

NextGen Arising’s ministries are not crash courses, but rather strategic plans on the part of like-minded parents who choose to re-prioritize where time is spent & invest in the eternal future of their children. It requires a conscious decision & commitment to invest in the development of their young people rather than seek the temporary gratification of temporal achievements. Connect on a local level:

Boys 2 Men  

Boys 2 Men is an innovative & life-changing program for young teens & their dads. This is an 7-month program that meets once a month for a powerful & packed 3-hour session. Each meeting includes competitive & fun challenges & activities, followed by a banquet dinner, a power point lesson & father-son discussion time. More Information.

Fish Club

Fish Club is a student-led club that meets weekly before or after school at a location near the school’s campus. It is a fun, faith based club for students in Grades 4-6, encouraging character building, friendships & leadership based on Biblical principles. We have clubs at Excelsior, Ridgeview, Stoneridge & Bayside Homeschool. More Information.

Juvenile Hall Ministries

Juvenile Hall ministries involve weekly meetings with incarcerated young people, generally ages 13-17, at their youth guidance centers. The participants are taught Biblically based precepts that help them see their life & their future differently. More Information.

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