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Juvenile Hall Ministry

Adult volunteers  | serving boys & girls ages 13-17 yrs
Tuesday Evenings  |  4-7pm  |  Correctional Facility 

Mark Johnston meets weekly with incarcerated young people, generally ages 13-17yrs, at their youth guidance centers. 


The participants are taught Biblically based precepts that help them see their life & their future differently. The program is designed to help the teens understand their purpose & gifts, develop social & business skills & establish new patterns of behavior that will lead to success in their lives.


This ministry is done under the supervision of the youth guidance center. If you, or someone you know, would like to pursue the possibility of having this ministry in a particular facility or would like to volunteer, please contact us. 


We are in great need of getting inspirational Christian stories about overcoming life's greatest circumstances in the hands of these young people. Please prayerfully consider making a book donation.

Please contact Mark for more information.

"It's easier to build a boy than to repair a man."

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