Our Team:

Mark Johnston
NextGen Arising


Mark has a heart for the youth & giving them tools to live out their lives for Christ. 25 years in youth ministry & going strong.


Deb Austin
Fish Club Ridgeview


Deb works as a full time realtor, volunteers at Bayside, RV Fish Club, OH/RV PTC Board, hosts women's bible study & prayer groups.

Valerie Steltz
Bayside Homeschool Classes


Valerie is wife to Travis & homeschool mom of 3 beautiful children. Her son enjoys Fish Club at Bayside on Tuesday mornings.


Susana Sollazzo
Fish Club Excelsior 


Susana Sollazzo has been faithfully running the Fish Club at Excelsior School for 5 years! 


Dan Biddle
Knights of Christ


Dr. Dan Biddle is the president of Genesis Apologetics, helping students withstand the evolution teaching in public schools. 


Deena Doherty
NextGen Arising 


Tiffany Holland 
Fish Club Stoneridge
NextGen Arising


One of Nathan & Tiffany's favorite things to do is lead Fish Club at Stoneridge Elementary. 


Michael Davis
Knights of Christ


Michael is the president of Moxie, married to Karen & proud father of 6 boys. 


Clay Fredrick
NextGen Arising 


Clay has been a longtime friend of Mark's. He is married to Lynn with 2 kids & works for Amazon.


Alicia Juday
Fish Club Ridgeview


Alicia is a stay-at-home mom, married for 13 years & parent to two boys.  


Michelle Bigelow
Inspire Homeschool Classes


Michelle is currently the director of Inspire and finds joy & strength in our amazing homeschool community.

Doug Johnston
NextGen Arising 


Doug is married to Rachel, a women's pastor at Bayside Church. Currently, he is working in Real Estate Management. 


Kara Stout
NextGen Arising 


Kara Stout is the principal of Stouthouse Design, a graphic design firm committed to making the world a little brighter.