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Caicó | Brazil 2018

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

When Daniel King Ministries asked me to join the team and go to Caicó, Brazil with them I said, “Here I am Lord send me.” Daniel has led over 2 million people to the Lord and was a kid’s evangelist at one time. I learned a lot from his wisdom and was grateful for his investment in me.

Leading up to The Festival

The week leading up to the crusade was spent in public schools with the Extreme Team that blew up hot water bladders, tore phone books, crushed cement blocks and then gave their testimony. I had truth teaching object lessons as well and shared God had a plan and purpose for each life on earth. Sharing the last words of rock star David Cassidy, “so much wasted time…” gave them food for thought before I gave an invitation to commit to God's gift of eternal life and forgiveness of sins.

Hit the Ground Running

Due to trucker strikes nationwide and teacher strikes schools shut down, so we went to community centers in the out lying villages and had 125-150 per meeting where food was distributed after short games with kids, testimonies, Extreme Team and the Gospel shared. Leading up to the Festival we spent time in town passing out literature and praying for people on the street. Evenings the team went to the largest church where the other 7 churches in town joined for teaching and training in evangelism. I had a short time to share with the assembly and spent several hours with 35 adults who wanted training in youth ministry. They were very grateful as there was no youth ministry in the town of 40,000 and only 1,800 Christians represented in the 8 churches. This is why Caicó with a very high youth suicide rate was chosen for the outreach location.

The Festival

The KidsFest drew around 250 parents and children with games, snacks, song and message. Many prayed for commitments, but God only knows those who will go on to bear fruit and be true disciples. The main festival had multiple speakers over a 3 night period with Gospel proclamation, singers and a time for healing. Sunday morning, we all spoke at different churches and 7 came forward and committed to start youth ministries in their church.


  • New converts will be fed as they attend church

  • Youth ministry will grow after vision and training was cast

Thank you for the prayer coverage as well as giving that allowed me to equip, encourage and train Gods people abroad.

Mark Johnston


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